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AJA releases the FS-HDR and WCG conversion
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Tue, 12 Sep 2017 12:25

AJA Video Systems recently released the FS-HDR - a versatile 1RU, rack-mount universal converter/frame synchroniser for real time HDR transforms as well as 4K/HD up/down/cross conversions.

FS-HDR delivers breakthrough real time High Dynamic Range (HDR) and Wide Colour Gamut (WCG) conversion and processing capabilities for 4K/UltraHD/2K/HD HDR workflows.

Fusing AJA’s production-proven FS frame synchronisation and conversion technology with video and colour space processing algorithms from the Academy and Emmy
Award-winning Colourfront Engine™, FS-HDR matches the real time, low-latency processing and color fidelity demands that broadcast, OTT, post production and ProAV environments require. FS-HDR offers two modes for comprehensive signal conversion, and allows users to also convert a range of camera Log formats to HDR broadcast standards as well as to/from BT.2020/BT.709.

FS-HDR’s single-channel mode, with extensive HDR and WCG support for 4K/UltraHD/2K/HD/SD processing, enables up, down and cross-conversion, including real time down conversion of 4K/UltraHD HDR to HD HDR or SDR. Four-channel mode allows users to simultaneously apply up to four HDR and SDR transforms to an incoming 2K/HD signal for output or apply transforms to four separate 2K/HD incoming signals for simultaneous output.

“As expectations for high-quality content continue to rise, live production, broadcast, post and ProAV professionals are embracing HDR to meet the demand. FS-HDR arrives at a prime time, providing the flexibility to convert between HDR and SDR standards and formats, without extra bandwidth or an infrastructure overhaul,” said Nick Rashby, president of AJA Video Systems. “Working with Colourfront, we’ve engineered a solution for HDR/WCG workflows that makes it easy to adapt to an extensive range of scenarios in the field.”

FS-HDR feature highlights include:
- Real time HDR to HDR/HDR to SDR/SDR to HDR conversions
- SDR BT.709 100 Nits
- PQ BT.2020 1000 Nits
- PQ P3D65 1000 Nits
- Hybrid Log Gamma BT.2100
- Sony S-Gamut3/S-Log3
- ARRI Log C Wide Gamut
- Panasonic V-Log
- RED Log3G10 Wide Gamut
- Canon Log 2
- Canon Log 3
- SDR BT.709 100 Nits
- PQ BT.2020 1000 Nits
- Hybrid Log Gamma BT.2100
- Sony S-Gamut3/S-Log3
- Dual mode support
- Single-channel mode for 4K/UltraHD or 2K/HD frame sync/ conversion
- Four-channel mode for simultaneous independent 2K/HD/SD channels for SDR and
HDR conversion and frame sync workflows
- 4K/UltraHD/2K/HD/SD video processing and up, down, cross-conversion
- A full range of I/O options for 4K/UltraHD: Quad 1.5G; Dual 3G; and Quad 3G, 6G
and 12G over a range of SDI and optional fiber choices
- SMPTE 2SI mapping for broad compatibility with 4K/UltraHD devices
- Four-channel 2K/HD/SD video processing and conversion
- 4K/UltraHD/2K/HD/SD up, down, cross-conversion
- SD/SD aspect ratio conversion
- HD/HD cross-conversion (720p/1080i)
- A 1RU form factor with space, power and cost efficiencies ideal for broadcast trucks,
and post production or broadcast settings
- Audio I/O processing with a 272x208 matrix of possibilities; support for several
audio feeds and embedded SDI audio, with sample-rate conversion for each audio
- An intuitive menu structure and fast access to features via front panel buttons, and
a web-based UI offering control over a LAN or across the web

FS-HDR is now available for US MSRP $7995. For additional information about FS-
HDR, please visit the AJA website.

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