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Film explores Zim's longest serving leaders
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Wed, 04 Sep 2013 14:39
Daves Guzha

The Two Leaders I Know, a feature film about Robert Mugabe and the late Ian Smith – Zimbabwe’s most infamous leaders – is currently in post-production. Originally, a theatre play of the same name, the film narrates the lives and times of the pre-independence (Smith) and post-independence (Mugabe) eras.

Says producer and actor Daves Guzha: “The film is a moving personal evaluation of the political consequences as seen through the eyes of a 40-year old man, who has only been exposed to the rule of Ian Smith, the last leader of rebel Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe), and Robert Mugabe, the current leader of Zimbabwe.”

While comparing and contrasting several developments during the two rulers’ periods and labeling Mugabe a disappointment, the film also portrays the current government as plunderers of minerals like diamonds.

Guzha screened the rough cut to an invited audience to gauge responses to what many believe is a daring feat in a country where critical narratives are often silenced by the state.

The filmmaker is well-known for producing the 1990s hit television series Waiters that was hugely popular in the country.

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