AAN & Animation Magazine partnership to grow African industry reach
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Fri, 03 Nov 2017 10:10

AAN and the world’s oldest and most prestigious animation-centric publication, Animation Magazine (AniMag), have struck a deal that will lead to the launch (30 November, 2017) of a dedicated African Animation Network section on This will be the platform through which AAN will communicate with the global industry.

Low Flow of Information:

At the moment there are only a few studios on the continent that have information on their projects, staff, projects and processes readily available. This means that there is a low flow of information to any potential audience, investors or to the world about the state of the industry in Africa.

Industry-Leading Source:

AniMag is the industry-leading source for the global animation industry. This monthly publication has been relied upon by studios, producers, entertainment industry executives, and artists for news, insights, and information on animation globally for three decades.

President and publisher of Animation Magazine, Jean Thoren said; “AniMag has been an integral part of the global animation industry since its inception. More recently we have been receiving and covering stories from Africa. We think we’re only scratching the surface at a time when the animation sector in Africa is beginning to take shape. This partnership with AAN will chronicle the development of the African animation industry and the giant strides it is taking in joining the global community.”

Changing Perceptions:

It is important for Africa to change perceptions of itself globally. And, more specifically, to profile the standard of work being done on the continent by animation professionals. The intention of AAN is, through the flow of information from our shores, to help create opportunities for African animation and graphics studios to work with international producers, studios and broadcasters.

According to AAN’s project manager, Nick Wilson; “The African animation industry is experiencing phenomenal growth. We have untapped human capital, exponential audience growth and surging urbanisation- all drivers toward a sustainable industry and generous long term return on investment. At AAN we believe that the reason that there is not wholesale investment in the sector currently across the continent is that investors don’t understand our value proposition and have largely never heard of us. This partnership with AniMag intends to change that.”

To shed more light on the industry for both local and international players, AAN will start by publishing one story a week. These will range from profiles to industry news. AAN events will also be added to the annual Animation Magazine Calendar. Through it, any event submitted to AAN will be added. Due to the nature of publishing, all relevant events need to be submitted to AAN before the end of November for inclusion in the printed calendar. In the coming months, AAN will increase the number and variety of its stories on, with the intent of growing the partnership in step with the African animation industry.

Call for Content:

To lead the way in this venture, AAN has appointed a new communications manager, Garland-Waide Bradford. Bradford has written for animated TV series in the past and more recently completed his BA Honours in Media Studies through UNISA. His experience includes working as a communication strategist, and the management of media in various phases of the production and broadcast value chain.

Bradford said: “I am passionate about contributing towards the creation of an African animation industry that can sustain itself. AAN encapsulates many of the ideals that I have regarding the empowerment of African (animation) storytellers. I am really excited about this venture and invite national associations, studios, producers, freelancers, journalists and bloggers to submit their content for potential publication.”

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