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Tue, 25 Jul 2017 11:24

After a stellar premiere of the film in February 2017 at The First Wednesday Film Club in Johannesburg, The Hangman was officially selected at the 20th addition of this years’ Zanzibar International Film Festival and scooped both awards in the short film category for Best Short Film and one of three Sembene Ousmane Awards for Short Films.

Executive producer of the film and co-owner at Tribal Media House Kearan Pennells in his acceptance speech said, “This award must be a testament to the reclamation of African storytelling, by us, for us first, in a way that unapologetically and proudly showcases our black excellence in the creative arts, as way and means to mould and shape the society we would like to become."

The film was also showcased at the 38th addition of the Durban International Film Festival where it took home the award for Best South African Short Film. Zwelethu Radebe, writer/director of the film had this to say about winning the award. “It is a beautiful testament to passion, hard work and perseverance. The win reminded me of the whole journey of the film including all those who collaborated on the project as it took shape from script to screen and to those whom I shared the stage with this Saturday night. I am grateful and honoured."

The Hangman short film is the first installment in Tribal Media House’s vision of commercialising short form content on the African continent and globally as a means to help simulated and catalyse the growth of the South African film industry through narrative storytelling and the creation of stars both in front of and behind the camera.

Watch the trailer:

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