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Serpent trailer

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Wed, 12 Jul 2017 10:27

Serpent, a South African film by Amanda Evans, will open the Durban International Film Festival (DIFF) this year and audiences are in for a thrill. The film has made significant international headways since its launch last year with international distribution already secured.

It is a gripping, spine-tingling tale of love, betrayal and the ultimate sacrifice. It follows a couple’s emotional journey as they battle to find and reignite their love, in a wilderness where they are trapped in a tent with a serpent. As secrets unravel, with no escape, they are forced to deal with their demons, simultaneously making life and death decisions.

Produced by Enigma Films, Plastic Soldiers, and Videovision Entertainment, the film is a profoundly beautiful yet painful example of the contradictions of love and life and the suspense is brilliantly maintained ensuring a captivated audience for its entire duration. A story so well-crafted and executed it leaves one begging for more. “Evans’ work is a fitting film to open the festival this year. Although it was selected on merit, it is a great example of the potential of film development initiatives in the country to unleash the creative industries’ economy in South Africa. As an unpredicted plus, having a film directed by a female is also aligned with our women-led film focus this year and my vision for a more inclusive DIFF,” said festival director Chipo Zhou.

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