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Die Rebelle van Lafras Verwey trailer

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Tue, 07 Mar 2017 09:33

This tragic comedy is based on a 1971 drama - a combined effort written and adapted into a contemporary script by the late writer and his son, Simon Barnard.

It tells the story of Lafras Verwey, an outcast who could never accept the realities of life. Although he is a government official, he hears the sound of otherworldly music playing in his ears and dreams of a wonderful future. He considers himself a key player in the preparation of a significant rebellion that he believes would change the world. When he takes a young pregnant woman, in to live with him, the rebellion becomes even more important to him. Ironically enough, his dreamt-up revolution starts the very night that the baby is born. Comedy, drama and elements of fantasy are all intertwined in this gripping tale of a man who is willing to risk everything in his pursuit to make the world a better place for all.

Die Rebelle van Lafras Verwey is produced by acclaimed actress and director, Katinka Heyns and Genevieve Hofmeyr, under direction of up-and-coming film maker, Simon Barnard. He also makes his debut as director of a full-length feature film with this compelling story.

The film is based on the popular radio drama and stage production written by award-winning author Chris Barnard and will come to life on the big screen from 7 April 2017 with renowned actor, Tobie Cronjι, in the lead role.

Watch the trailer here:

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