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SA Eco Film Festival 2017 trailer

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Tue, 28 Feb 2017 10:35

The 4th Annual SA Eco Film Festival returns to Cape Town under the theme 'Change is Here'. The festival is supported by leading Western Cape ECO Friendly business partners, Ballo, Reliance and Hemporium.

With 2016 seeing the hottest global temperatures ever measured, political upsets across continents, and accelerating technological advances from driverless cars to falling costs of renewable power – whatever your opinion or beliefs, change is here.

With engaging and thought provoking programme content the festival seeks to explore how changes are effecting us and our world, and how our personal change can affect that world for the better. The festival will showcase challenging, intriguing and creative film content from SA and across the world highlighting issues that effect us all, whilst introducing participants, filmmakers and audience members alike to sustainable living choices and life style changes that can be made today.

With audience Q&A’s, guest speakers and more, this years SA Eco Film Festival is gearing up to create an ever bigger impact than ever before.

In addition to the main programme at Cape Town’s independent cinema, The Labia Theatre, there will be sneak previews at the Simon’s Town Museum (13 to 17 March) and the Peninsula Preview at The Masque Theatre on Thursday 16 March.

For more programme and ticket imformation visit the festival website.

Watch the trailer:

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