Films Shot in SA

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A number of international and local feature films and telefilms were shot in South Africa in 2009. The following list also includes films that were shot in the latter part of 2008 and completed last year


  • Invictus (Revelations Entertainment, Moonlighting Films; Prod: Clint Eastwood)

District 9

  • District 9 (Kalahari Pictures; Prod: Peter Jackson)

The Bang Bang Club

  • The Bang Bang Club (Foundry Films, Out of AfricaEntertainment; Prod: Daniel Iron)
  • Amelia (Fox Searchlight Pictures, Avalon Pictures, Moonlighting Filmmakers; Prods: Ted Waitt, Kevin Hyman, Lydia Dean Pilcher)


  • Jozi (T.O.M Pictures, Videovision Entertainment; Prods: Robbie Thorpe and Anant Singh)
  • Shirley Adams (Centropolis, LFS and Dv8; Prods: Jeremy Nathan, Michelle Wheatley)
  • Zero One One (Joziwood Films; Prods: Batana Vundla)
  • Laconia (Two Oceans Production; Prods: Giselher Venzke, Bertha Spieker)


  • Skin (Prods: Anthony Fabian, Genevieve Hofmeyer)
  • The Philanthropist (Carnival Films, Original Media, Moonlighting Filmmakers; Prod: Peter Horton)
  • Hond se Dinges (Fever Tree Productions; Prod: Johan Heyns)
  • Florida Road (Prod: Brad Glass)
  • Bakgat 2 (Film Factory; Prod: James Caroll)
  • The Race-ist (Prod: Andrew Wilmot)

Tornado and the Kalahari Horse Whisperer

  • Tornado and the Kalahari Horse Whisperer (Aquavision & Everland; Prod: Peter Lamberti)
  • Rainbow Skellums (Spotlight Entertainment; Prod: Andre Scholtz)
  • Vaatjie Sien Sy Gat (Prod: Willie Esterhuizen)
  • Themba (DO Productions, Zeitsprung Entertainment; Pros Michael Souvignier, Marlow De Mardt, Brigid Olën)
  • Night Drive (Film Factory; Prod: James Caroll)
  • How to Become a Zulu in 30 Days (Afromol Vision; Prd: Johnny Alpha)
  • Jesus in Hillbrow (Afromol Vision; Prod: Johnny Alpha)
  • Kingsley (Nkanyiso Communications)
  • Summer in Cape Town (Two Oceans Production; Prods: Giselher Venzke, Bertha Spieker)
  • The Game of My Life (Mirror Mountain Pictures: Prod: Michael J Rix)
  • True Dream (South African Great Movies; Prod: John Wani)
  • Chanda's Secrets (Dreamer Joint Venture Filmproduktion, Enigma Pictures; Prod: Oliver Schmitz)
  • Karate Kallie – Die Hele Movie (New Trend Media; Prod: Charl Groenewald)
  • Everyman's Taxi (Portal Films; Prod: Barbara Schnell)
  • Master Harold and the Boys (Focus Films, Spier Films; Prod: Zaheer Goodman-Bhyat)
  • The List (Joziewood Films; Prod: Batana Vundla)
  • Long Street (Shadowy Meadows Productions, Blackboard Trust; Prod: Florian Schattauer)
  • White Lion (Prod: Kevin Richardson)


  • Darfur (ZenHQ, Event Film; Prods: Chris Roland, Uwe Boll, Dan Clarke)
  • Devil's War (Out of Africa Picture Company)
  • Hum Aap Aur Pyaar (Red Pill Productions; Prod: Upen Patel)
  • The Garden – New England (Two Oceans Production; Prods: Giselher Venzke, Bertha Spieker)
  • The Was and Fear (Amocine)
  • Mere Unsami Kahari
  • Wild is Life

White Wedding

  • White Wedding (Stepping Stone Pictures; Prods: Jann Turner, Kenneth Nkosi, Rapulana Seiphemo)
  • The Last House on the Left (Prods: Wes Craven, David Wicht)
  • Doomsday (Rogue Pictures)
  • Secret of Whales (Two Oceans Production; Prods: Giselher Venzke, Bertha Spieker)
  • Kennedy's Brain (DO Productions; Prods: Marlow De Mardt, Brigid Olën)
  • Lost City Raiders (DO Productions; Prods: Marlow De Mardt, Brigid Olën)
  • Rooibos with Milk (DO Productions; Prods: Marlow de Mardt, Selma Brunner)
  • The Ambassador (Two Oceans Production; Prods: Giselher Venzke/Bertha Spieker)


  • Tirza (Cadenza Films, DO Productions; Prods: Brigid Olën, Mardou Jacobs)
  • Loyiso Gola For President (Competent Artistes; Prod: Paul Tilsley)
  • Southern Cross (Mutodi Films, Kwacha Media)
  • Strike Back (Left Bank Pictures, Out of Africa Entertainment; Prod: Andrew Benson)
  • Egoli – The Feature (Brigadiers, Franz Marx Films; Prods: Burgert Muller, Pieter Venter)


  • Mendacity (Mandela Film; Prod: Victor Okafor)

The Lion of Judah

  • The Lion of Judah (Prods: Phil Cunningham, Jacqui Cunnigham, Sunu Gonera)
  • Wolf Wolf (TUT; Prod: Anna-Marie Jansen van Vuuren)
  • Congo (Two Oceans Production; Prods: Giselher Venzke, Bertha Spieker)
  • Soweto Drift (Young Mind Productions)
  • Olympic

Free Willy 3

  • Free Willy 3 (Film Afrika; Prods: David Wicht, Joerg Westerkamp)
  • Raaz (Prod: Mukesh Bhatt)
  • Tum Mile (Film Ad Afrika; Prod: Mukesh Bhatt)
  • Life Partner (Film Ad Afrika)
  • Acid Factory (Prod: Sanjay Gupta)
  • Florida Road (Sunworld Production; Prods: Fred Fontana, Brad Glass)
  • Homecoming (AFDA)
  • Toy Soldiers (RD Productions)
  • No Problem (Kingdom Productions, Anil Kapoor Films)
  • Shore (SB Productions)
  • At Ellen's Age (Dv8 Films)
  • Hostel (World Class Entertainment)