Drones Africa Summit 2017

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20-22 September 2017

Event Background

Some are killing machines. Others are pesky passions of the weekend hobbyist. As such, drones have not always been welcomed in our skies. Across Africa, however, projects are being launched that could revolutionise medical supply chains and commercial deliveries, combat poaching, agriculture and provide other solutions for an overburdened, underdeveloped continent. More and more African countries like South Africa, Rwanda, Malawi etc are now busy finding very innovative ways to use drones to deliver essential services and life saving solutions. As such, Private Public Partnerships (PPPs) are being formed to provide service to the general populace. Operated either autonomously based on a pre-programmed flight plan or by remote control, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), are now being deployed in Africa for a variety of missions.

Why Attend
Uncover operational, cost and safety advantages drones can bring to your organisation
Learn how drones are being exploited across Australia's business ecosystem
Hear how regulatory updates are enabling greater use of drones in public
Learn where to find drone building, operating and maintenance talent
Discover why drones are being fitted with sophisticated sensors, enhanced digital technology, GPS and LIDAR systems

Who should Attend

Professional Drone Services Companies
Civil Engineers and contractors
Photographers and Videographers
Commercial and Residential estate agents
Search and rescue professionals
Logistics companies
Farming and Agriculture professionals
Traffic planners
Police and Fire Brigade Government
Drone entrepreneurs
Software and Hardware experts
Natural resource exploration professionals
Security specialists
Urban Planners
Heads of Technology
Asset Owners and Operators,
Farmers & Crop Consultants
EPCs (Engineering/Procurement/Construction)
AECs (Architects/Engineers/Construction)
Project Managers
First Responders and Law Enforcement
Film Producers and Directors
Drone operators and enthusiasts


To join us ,kindly complete the attached registration form and send it back to king@smart-link.co.za