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Executive Officer - WGSA

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Fri, 17 Mar 2017 13:55

Position Description:

The Executive Officer will render a Capacity Building service to the WGSA. The capacity building strategy is based on the WGSA’s current Business Implementation Framework. The Executive Officer reports to the WGSA Secretariat (Chairperson, Treasurer, Head of PDP and Head of Communications). The Office Administrator reports to the Executive Officer.

Specific Responsibilities:

• Fundraising: Identify potential funders and prepare fundraising proposals
• Organise the Annual General Meeting
• Bookkeeping (with support from the Treasurer)
• Implement the Professional Development Program (with support from the Head of PDP)
• Implement the Communications Programme (with support from the Head of Communications)
• Organise the WGSA Muse Awards and lead the Muse Awards sub-committee. Responsibilities include fundraising, prizes, speakers, entertainment, venue, all logistics of finalists’ travel etc.
• Maintain relations with all stakeholders (NFVF, SASFED, DTI etc.)
• Re-establish relationships with stakeholders .i.e. SASFED, SABC, NFVF, DTI etc.
• Assist in re-branding of WGSA

Other Areas Of Responsibility:
• Amend and update the Constitution and uphold it with regards to the WGSA’s procedures and processes where necessary
• Maintain and update the procedure manuals in consultation
• Update and maintain all financials
• Submit financial trial balance to auditors for finalisation of financial statements
• Prepare budget forecasts
• Submit annual tax returns
• Oversee maintenance of asset registers
• Handle all procurement, in consultation with the secretariat
• Facilitate legal services (with support from Head of Legal)
• Re-establish the WGSA Collection Agency
• International Relations: International Speaker, DTI Markets, NFVF Markets, International Judges for Muse Awards etc.
• Liaise with the International Affiliation of Writers Guilds (IAWG) and maintain the WGSA’s full membership
• Manage all procedures and logistics for International market attendance
• Social Media/Marketing: Liaise with Social Media Manager when necessary
• Liaise with Newsletter Editor when necessary
• Liaise with website content creator when necessary
• Report back at monthly council meetings
• Work closely with the Chairperson on relevant issues
• Facilitate annual handover to (50%) new council

Education & Experience:
• Min. 10 years experience
• Minimum: Diploma
• Preferred: Degree or higher

Required Knowledge, Skills & Abilities:
• Drivers License
• Computer literate: working knowledge of email, scheduling, spreadsheets and presentation software etc.
• Professional proposal writing skills
• Fundraising skills
• Ability to build and maintain relations with various stakeholders
• Knowledge of policies pertaining to the rights of performance writers

Candidate Qualities:

• Natural born leader
• Excellent communication skills
• Ability to interact with people from diverse backgrounds
• Keen interest in the performance writing sector
• Meticulous work ethic
• Self-motivated
• Efficient
• Flexible
• Hands on
• Ability to maintain staff confidentiality

Work Environment:

The executive officer will work from home and from the WGSA head office; it is situated at No 34, 7th Avenue, Linden, Johannesburg. The executive officer will occasionally be required to leave the office in order to attend meetings or conduct business in other parts of Johannesburg.

R14 000 - R16 000 per month

Working Hours:
09h00 to 16h00
3 days a week (excludes public holidays)


To be discussed.

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