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Startup & Creative Incubator Script Writer Intern Wanted

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Mon, 19 Jun 2017 14:17

Whether you're a part-time student, recently graduated, employed part-time or a freelancer; an internship will help you brush up on your skills & is a potentially life changing experience.

We at 79b Startup & Creative Incubator have embarked on a journey of epic proportions. Mixing talented individuals with a plethora of creative projects to spark ingeniousness in all.

Take for example our scintillating animation series that could induce a popcorn craving. Perhaps a zany short film graced by the presence of zombies? Or how about a head-twisting 3-D sequence sure to make you laugh?

At this very moment in time, we require the assistance of a very special someone, and here's the part where you realize it could be you:

Wanted: Script Writer Intern

  • You've got a laptop
  • You enjoy reading & writing
  • You know various techniques
  • You're a walking thesaurus
  • You play well with others
  • You have a zest for learning
  • You're a very disciplined person

    Join our team, have fun, and take your career to the next level.