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SA script optioned for Hollywood

Fri, 27 Jul 2007

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Prolific Cape Town scriptwriter, Dennis Venter (Home Affairs, Interrogation Room, Stokvel, Madam & Eve) has optioned his screenplay The Fubars to Hollywood-based Original Content Productions.

The Fubars will mark the directorial debut of Nick Powell, who started his career as a stunt director and later move to second unit director (Braveheart, The Bourne Identity, The Last Samurai, Cinderella Man, The Hours, Magdelene Sisters).

The film title is the name of a band turned bank robbers. It stands for ‘fucked up beyond all recognition’. In this dark comedy, the band’s name becomes all too real when they decide on robbery to fund their careers.

Original Content’s Jim Thompson, producer of the upcoming Diamonds in the Rough and War starring Jet Li and Jeremy Statham, describes the thriller/black-comedy script as twisted, funny and original.

Venter is a published author and his career as a television writer was launched on the Penguin sitcom SOS. He has been involved as a writer on Going Up, Stokvel, Madam & Eve, Charlie Jade, Brothers in Law, Shooting Stars, Interrogation Room, Divers Down, Kululeka, Fela’s TV, Home Affairs.

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