Piracy on the increase

Studiobriefing.com reports that NBC Universal general counsel Rick Cotton has asked the White House to establish a Cabinet-level piracy czar to deal with the alarming increase in piracy. According to Cotton, billions of dollars have been lost due to copyright piracy.

MGM movies sold on iTunes

Studiobriefing.com reports that MGM has become the fourth Hollywood studio to make its movies available for downloading on Apple’s iTunes Store.

Discovery axes 200 staffers

According to Bloomberg News reports, Discovery Communications has axed 200 staffers which represents about 3% of the Maryland-based company’s workforce.

Unrestricted music courtesy EMI and Apple

It was rumoured for some time that EMI Music would soon offer downloads for retail on a global basis.

Product placement spending globally

Global paid product placement grew 37.2% to $3.36 billion in 2006 and is forecast to grow 30.3% to $4.38 billion in 2007 according to PQ Media.

The Producers Alliance new board members

The Producers Alliance (TPA) held its first AGM on 28 March at Atlas Studios in Johannesburg. The following members were elected to the board:

Mobile Phone Users willing to see Ads

According to a study by Harris Interactive 35% of adult cell phone users are willing to accept incentive-based advertisements.

How to Copy Sheep without getting Caught

Adv Anton Alberts who will run a course on Entertainment Law at the University of Johannesburg during May and June, has written an article for the website which conveys important information for anyone involved in the creative industries.

Online video at Cannes

Traditional DVD screeners at the Cannes Film Market, which is held annually in May in conjunction with the Cannes Film Festival, will be replaced with a broadband video-on-demand tool through its cinando.com website.

EU piracy proposal

According to a draft law from the European Commission, media companies could face criminal sanctions, including prison time for employees, if their networks, software...
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