Business Policy/Legislation

Business Policy/Legislation

Moonlighting Wins Exporter Of The Year Award

Moonlighting Film Production Services has been honoured with the Absa / Cape Town Regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry award for Exporter of the Year.

MySpace cuts overseas staff

Online content company, MySpace is set to reduce its international workforce by 300 from 450 to just 150, and close four of its offices outside the United States.

Pirates – Watch Out!

An innovative and sustainable approach to countering Johannesburg’s high levels of pirated DVDs launches on 4 December in the city centre.

South Africa approaches online content censorship

The Film and Publications Board (FPB) plans to extend its regulatory reach to the digital space...

Why Etiket quit advertising?

"It’s about acts, not ads...we trained these people to tell their own stories, in their own language and with their own personal insights...

Forging partnerships in Africa

The importance of developing international partners in Africa’s broadcast sector was emphasised at the Africa Media & Broadcasting Congress in Johannesburg on 3 November, in a panel featuring representatives from A24 Media in Kenya, MTV Netowrks Africa and MultiChoice.

Mobile Phone Users willing to see Ads

According to a study by Harris Interactive 35% of adult cell phone users are willing to accept incentive-based advertisements.

Strike Still Looms In Hollywood

Studio Briefing reports that the Writers Guild of America (WGA) and the Association of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP)...

European cinema sales increase in 2006

On the basis of currently available data, the European Audiovisual Observatory estimates that around 862 feature films were produced in the 25 member states of the European Union in 2006, 47 films more than in 2005. This represents a 5.8% increase on the total for the previous year (815 films).

ANC concedes (slightly) to public pressure re Secrecy Bill

Mail & Guardian reports that South Africa’s ruling ANC party has promised to restrict the application of the contentious Protection of Information Bill (aka the Secrecy Bill) so that it only applies to the intelligence and security services and the police.
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