Intelsat up for sale

There has been much speculation that the global satellite Intelsat has been put up for sale by its private equity owners.

Changes in KZN wildlife policies proposed

In a draft document issued by Ezemvelo KZN wildlife and headed a€˜KZN ex situ Wild animal policy statement' issued on the 14 August...

Seinfeld fronts for Microsoft

As part of a $300m campaign to boost its image, Microsoft has contracted popular American stand-up comic Jerry Seinfeld to star in some new commercials for Windows Vista.

MMVP Productions and SABC give their side to Generations saga

On 22 August the SABC and MMVP Productions held a press conference about the show’s recent dispute with its actors...

“De facto’ strike in Hollywood

According to the Alliance of Motion Picture & Television Producers (AMPTP), Hollywood is in a "de facto’ strike as of 1 July, when the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) contract expired.

“Schuks” still going strong after nine weeks

Even in its ninth week of release Leon Schuster’s Schuks Tshabalala’s Survival Guide to South Africa 2010 managed to rake in just over R1m at the local box office over the weekend of 23 to 29 July. This hit local comedy has now earned R36m.

IDC’s funding activity growth

The Industrial Development Corporation (IDC), a South African parastatal entity that invests in "competitive industries’ (including media and motion pictures), grew its funding activity...

Nouveau niche

It’s an exciting time to be in the business of content. The move to digital has enabled audiences and producers alike to captain their own ships through a sea of endless possibility...

SA Internet usage to soar

The growth of South Africa's Internet population in the next five years is expected to expand by as much in that time as in the preceeding 15 years, predicts a report released on 24 March 2009, by World Wide Worx.

WiMax licensees must be 51% BEE

The Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (ICASA) has mandated that companies bidding for a WiMax (ie. high speed wireless broadband access) licence must have 51% black ownership.
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