Avid Maestro brings dynamic creative capabilities to Medi1 TV Morocco


Avid, a leading technology provider that powers the media and entertainment industry, has announced that Medi1 TV Morocco, the Morocco-based, private free-to-air news channel, has integrated Avid Maestro graphics solutions to advance workflow productivity, content quality, and grow audience share. Leveraging Maestro™ l Designer to create compelling 2D and 3D graphics and Maestro l PowerWall to drive on-set monitors of any size and resolution, Medi1 TV can develop and deliver higher-quality, more dynamic news programming efficiently while reducing operational costs in an increasingly competitive market.

Medi1 TV produces compelling newscasts, talk shows and documentaries on current affairs, business and financial markets, and sports in both Arabic and French. To meet growing competitive market pressures, the broadcaster looked to increase production and content quality and deliver to audiences higher-value news programming as cost effectively as possible. 

“We needed to modernise our existing news workflow, as well as take advantage of state-of-the-art creative tools now on the market,” said Hicham Abderahim, head of Creative Department at Medi 1 TV Morocco. “With Avid Maestro graphics solutions, we’re no longer limited by outdated tools and can deliver highly compelling news content. Efficiency also is key to our operation and, thanks to our new Avid workflow, we’re able to expand our news footprint.”

Medi1 TV’s teams rely on Maestro | Designer to create dynamic real-time graphics across its news programming with greater efficiency, supported by Avid’s underlying HDVG4 graphics rendering platform. Maestro | Powerwall makes it easy for the channel to present, manage, and control rich media across its multi-resolution studio displays. It also uses Avid’s industry-standard video editing software Media Composer®, digital audio software Pro Tools®, and Avid NEXIS® shared storage.

“The news broadcasting industry is inherently competitive and extraordinarily fast paced,” said Ray Thompson, Director – Broadcast and Media Solutions Marketing at Avid. “Avid Maestro graphics solutions enable competitive newsrooms to create dynamic graphics to engage new viewers leveraging Maestro l PowerWall to drive in studio displays of any size and resolution offering Medi1TV the ability to easily update and change the look and feel of the broadcast easily and cost effectively.”


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