Zee TV Africa’s CEO to speak at SATELLITE 2018 in Washington DC

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Harish Goyal, CEO of Zee TV Africa will feature with fellow influencers and decision makers at the international SATELLITE 2018 conference in Washington. Touted as the leading global exhibition and conference serving the satellite industry, the conference is over 30 years and features an A-list roster of speakers. It also sets the agenda for the international industry for the remainder of 2018.

Goyal will be part of a panel discussion on 14 March titled Africa: Next-Gen Pay-TV and the role of Sports in OTT Adoption. The discussion focuses on the new middle class emerging in Africa and how the demand for pay-TV services is increasing among them.

Conversation will also focus on mobile penetration being an increasing feature in many countries in Africa with OTT on the rise and how this will impact the pay-TV market and in turn how satellite pay-TV providers will counter competition from others?

There are many directions in which the pay-TV market in Africa could go, and the panel will also examine whether it is possible for OTT to have the same impact in Africa as in other regions around the world, and whether sports will be a content driver across the region.

Goyal said: “It is a great honour to be asked to represent the business once again at this level and to share the platform with noted experts like Amazon Inc’s CEO Jeff Bezos. The focus on Africa is welcome and Zee is at the forefront of this space having spent 25 years on the continent.

“We have done in depth research into the African markets and understand the diverse cultures, languages and geography of the continent to know that what works well in America may not translate or be effective here in Africa.”

He added: “Through extensive research we understand what content is working in the continent at large. OTT is an offering that we should look toward with anticipation. Africa is growing and there is a place and need in the market for OTT. Being a panelist at the conference and the networking at these conferences keeps the Zee brand relevant and gives us a voice to share learnings and give good insight into this market.”.