AfriDocs presents the multi-lingual release of Colours of the Alphabet


AfriDocs, the free streaming platform for documentaries in Africa, has partnered with UNESCO to present a unique and innovative film project for the film, Colours of the Alphabet (COTA).

This partnership with the producers of COTA will result in the continent’s first ever simultaneous multi-lingual release of a documentary across the whole of Africa.

This innovative project is actually one film with 27 language versions, all of which will be available via the AfriDocs YouTube platform, while the English subversion of the film will be live on the AfriDocs website.

The streaming of the film is part of a campaign supported by UNESCO and the filmmakers in honour of International Mother Language Day on 21 February 2018. AfriDocs will let viewers watch this project for 30 days, starting from 21 February 2018.

COTA explores the challenges faced by children in rural Zambia to receive education in their mother tongue. It is the film’s producers that have created a network of translators who have provided subtitles in 25 indigenous languages for the film. In addition to English, Portuguese and French, this will make the film available in 27 languages across the continent.

Colours of the Alphabet producer Nick Higgins has this to say of the partnership with AfriDocs, “We are delighted to be working with AfriDocs and UNESCO to bring this unique documentary film to audiences all across Africa. For many viewers, this will be the first time they will see a film subtitled in their own language and we hope this new network of film translators will continue to subtitle films for AfriDocs and others, in what would be a fitting legacy for International Mother Language Day 2018.”

The release will be accompanied by an online social media campaign, #mytonguemystory that will allow audiences to share their own stories of mother tongue education in their own languages.

To take part in the campaign on social media use the following #tags: #MotherLanguageDay #mytonguemystory and/or #IMLD2018

To watch all the language versions of Colours of the Alphabet, as well as all AfriDocs documentaries, visit AfriDoc’s YouTube page.





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