Vicinity Media releases first-to-market location-focused video solution


Location-based mobile network Vicinity Media have released a first-to-market
location-focused video solution and are proud to announce the product includes some
global innovations.

The new product has four key components:

Firstly, advertisers get access to Vicinity’s industry leading location targeting that
harnesses proprietary technology to target down to street level. This means video
campaigns can now have real location relevance.

Secondly, Vicinity’s location based video product gives brands and agencies access to
Vicinity’s Premium Network, a network that has now become one of South Africa’s
biggest and includes publishers like IOL, TimesLive, eNCA, Soccer Laduma and close
to 100 others. For advertisers used to accessing individual publishers or relying on
programmatic distribution this is a game changer as Vicinity’s network has legitimate
audiences, brand safety and viewability baked in!

Thirdly, and perhaps most importantly, Vicinity’s new video product publishes the
distance/travel time from the viewer to the point of purchase within the video. The
ability to publish location within video is a global first, pioneered right here in South

Fourthly, users can be directed to the familiar Location Landing Page allowing
users to Drive, Walk, Show Map, and engage further. Vicinity’s store by store
analytics are also included in the new video product and combined with visitability
reporting allows brands to increase user engagement, drive footfall, and gain insights
into consumer behaviour.

In addition advertisers will continue to get all standard video metrics with which they
are familiar to, on top of the extended location metrics.

For more information visit the Vicinity
Media website