South Africa’s Phoenix Films strikes China TV deal


Phoenix Films has announced that they have sold three of their films:
Treurgrond, Mignon’Mossie’ Van Wyk and Trouvoete to
China. This deal was struck by producer Andre Frauenstein and international
distributors Free Dolphin, at the American Film Market (AFM) in Santa Monica which
took place from 1 to 8 November 2017.

The AFM is the largest film market in the world and has proved to be an invaluable
juncture of shoulder-rubbing with key figures in the industry for Mr Frauenstein.

Mignon “Mossie’ Van Wyk, is a touching coming-of-age story narrated by the
quiet but observant sister, starring Erica Wessels (Hatchet Hour, Alles Wat Mal Is),
Deanre Reiners (Dis Koue Kos,Skat, Verskietende Ster), and introduces
Tanika Fourie. The youth drama is achingly relatable to the way we recount our
teenage years.
Treurgrond tells the painful story of a farming community dealing with the
ongoing farm attacks and gruesome murders plaguing farmers in South Africa. The
moving tale stars Steve Hofmeyr (Platteland, Agter Elke Man), Erica Wessels,
Jana Strydom (Bram Fischer, Swartwater) and Shaleen Surtie-Richards (Fiela se
Kind, Vaselinetjie
Trouvoete is the hilarious romantic comedy starring Bouwer Bosch (Sy
Klink Soos Lente, Vuil Wasgoed
) and Erica Wessels in which a clueless doctor and
beautiful dreamer fall in love online. Their meeting gets complicated by the dramas of
weddings and Christmas time.

All three of these films were directed by the Oscar-nominated Darrell Roodt and
written by Tarryn-Tannille Prinsloo.