VIMN Africa wins 15 awards for 360-degree campaigns

Viacom International Media Networks (VIMN Africa) has won a remarkable 15 awards
in two prestigious marketing award ceremonies held on the same night in
Johannesburg last week Thursday, 9 November 2017.

VIMN Africa channel brands – MTV, MTV Base, Comedy Central and BET – were
collectively awarded 14 accolades, including five Golds, at the recent PromaxBDA
Africa Awards which rewards excellence in the media marketing space. Throughout
the world, the PromaxBDA Award competitions are regarded as the most prestigious
awards for creative and innovative endeavour in this field.

MTV also took a silver award at the Assegai Awards, which acknowledge integrated
marketing campaigns that deliver exceptional results. An Assegai Award recognises
breakthrough strategy, creative brilliance and outstanding outcomes in all direct
marketing media.

The winning VIMN Africa campaigns are:

PromaxBDA Africa Awards 2017

o Best Design Without Footage – Comedy Central – Game of Comedy
o Best News and Current Affairs Promo – Comedy Central – The Daily Show
Sing a Long
o Best Image Promo for Television or VOD Platform – Comedy Central – Game
of Comedy
o Best Use of Humour in Promotion – Comedy Central – The Daily Show Sing a
o Best Weekly Wonder – MTV Base – MILF Weekend (Fairchild)
o Best Title Sequence – MTV Base – MAMA (Fairchild)

o Best Sponsor/Brand Integration Spot – MTV Base – MAMA (Fairchild)

o Best Branding Design – MTV Shuga Down South – The Kinetic
o Best Logo Design – Comedy Central – Famous Last Words (Fairchild)

o Outstanding Design in Promotion – MTV Base – MAMA (Fairchild)
o Best Design Without Footage – MTV Base – MAMA (Fairchild)
o Best use of Digital – MTV Base – VJ Search (Fairchild)
o Best Logo Design – MTV Base – MAMA (Fairchild)
o Best Use of Social Media – Comedy Central – Game of Comedy

Assegai Awards 2017

o Media (Social Media Platforms) – MTV – FCK#HIV (Ogilvy)

Alex Okosi, executive vice resident and managing director for Viacom International
Media Networks Africa (VIMN Africa) says: “At VIMN Africa, creativity is at the heart of
everything we do. I continue to be inspired and excited about the great work that we
produce through creative integrated campaigns that deliver great value and solutions
to our audiences and clients respectively.’