PrideTV adds second tier to its ‘Freemium’ viewing experience


PrideTV, Africa’s LGBTQ video on demand (VOD) channel, has launched a second tier
of streaming video content to cater to its audience. Titled ‘Freemium’, the new
viewing option aims to coincide with the channel’s one-year anniversary.

PrideTV adds second tier to its Freemium viewing experience

“Our Freemium portal offers a no subscription, no commitment promise that
simultaneously delivers a high-quality VOD viewing experience,” says Joanne Raphael
Katz, PrideTV’s spokesperson.

She says that the adoption of VOD technologies by the continent’s mobile and desktop
internet users has necessitated the adding of the PrideTV Freemium viewing option.

“There are now two tiers on the site,” adds Katz, “In Freemium, we have gathered the
best of the web content to offer the community more, free of charge. In Premium, we
have a subscription-based service at an affordable $5.50 per month, with hundreds of
titles to enjoy anytime, anywhere, and on any device.”

Katz says subscriptions are in the thousands and continue to increase month by
month. “We are very encouraged by the results. We have hardly touched the rest of
the potential African base that is out there, so we forecast promising times ahead for
PrideTV,” she adds.

The prepaid and credit card payment options mean that the service can be cancelled
at any time, aiming to enable consumers to budget better. Viewers’ time is not diluted
by commercials and they can avoid repetitions.

VOD aims to enable the brand new phenomenon of content cherrypicking. This refers
to viewers being able to pick, choose, and subscribe to the video content that suits
them without watching channels that were included as part of a Pay TV offering.

“PrideTV is Africa’s flagship LGBTQ entertainment channel and has a responsibility to
innovate in the LGBTQ viewing space. Our Freemium content is the latest example of
PrideTV’s commitment to VOD LGBTQ innovation,” says Katz.

Katz says PrideTV is exploring several technological developments, and is busy
acquiring new content for the platform in both long and short form. “Short form is
best suited to our mobile streamers, where we have 11 million smartphone users in
South Africa and 300 million in Africa,” she concludes.

For more information, visit the PrideTV
. Alternatively, connect with them on Facebook, Twitter or on Instagram.

Source: Media Update