Nothing is as it seems in the comedy-drama Bedford Wives


Bedford Wives is an all new comedy–drama that will debut on SABC 3 from Thursday, 24 August 2017 at 19h30.

When her restaurateur husband, Marco Gianoppolous, is found dead under a side of lamb and dripping in gourmet olive oil, Bedfordview housewife and Mrs South Africa entrant, Despina, vows to keep the family businesses going – but then learns the real family business is crime…

Set in the lavish but seedy Johannesburg East suburb, Bedfordview, Bedford Wives follows the lives of four women, and a community of Bedfordview criminals who; on the surface, exude pristine and perfect lives, but behind closed doors, are revealed to have skeletons and secrets.

Nothing is as it seems…

Loyal and loving Despina Gianoppolous (Dee) is the perfect mother, wife, head of the PTA at her kids’ school and the envy of all the other mothers in Bedfordview. But just as the former Miss South Africa prepares to get another crown on her head, this time for Mrs South Africa, her husband, Marco, dies. He is murdered in his restaurant’s own cold room. As if this isn’t a cold enough reality, Despina also finds herself frozen out of Mrs SA because entrants must have husbands. Now all Despina is, is the one thing she wants desperately not to be – a widow.

Then the will is read. To the horror of Marco’s vampish ex-wife Gigi Gianoppolous, Marco has left everything to Dee with the instruction to look after everything – and the family. Dee vows she will uphold Marco’s legacy – but soon discovers that the restaurant was mainly a successful front for his criminal activities. She was married to a crime kingpin and never knew it! Not to mention the fact that whoever killed Marco is still out there and still a threat. Perhaps even worst of all, rival Gigi knew all about the crime business and is an integral part of it.

Gigi wants to take over running it all with her son George, but Dee is determined to stop her having any control. If she can’t be a Beauty Queen, she can at least be a great Queenpin and support the whole extended family. After all, she owes it to Marco. Still, it’s not easy keeping it all a secret from her bored and bossy best friend Yvette, who lives her life vicariously through the glamourous Dee, or her supremely nosy neighbor Paulina Salemane, who stole Dee’s PTA Chairwomanship; all while having to juggle it all against school lifts, yoga lessons and being a mother to her kids.

There’s also the small matter of the ruthless rival kingpin who wants to take over her turf, a police detective determined to solve Marco’s murder, and an undercover agent obsessed with unravelling the Bedfordview crime web. It seems like every time Despina tries to take a breath, she uncovers a new secret or deception. Nothing is as it seems…

Tune in to Bedford Wives and watch as all the secrets and lies unravel every Thursday at 19h30 from 24 August 2017 on SABC 3.


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