RSG celebrates 80 years of Afrikaans radio


The South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) radio station, Radio Sonder Grense (RSG) celebrates 80 years of excellence in broadcasting in October this year.

The past 80 years of Afrikaans radio delivered many highlights, and as part of the celebrations of 80 years of Afrikaans radio broadcasting, some jewels from the archives will be broadcasted, with nostalgic moments, where presenters will talk about the old days of radio and celebrating this milestone with a dance!

RSG already started the festivities with a re-broadcast of 13 weekly episodes of the Afrikaans James Bond of the 1960’s, called Staal Burger. This super-secret spy had a way with the ladies, fast cars and putting the bad guys in their place! Listeners will thoroughly enjoy this series every Thursday evening at 20h30 from this week.

During September and October, a series of commissioned documentary programs will be broadcasted. The focus will be on the highlights of sport on Afrikaans radio, the development of drama over the years, as well as literature and music movements the past 80 years. RSG will also play extracts from a few programs that were popular on Afrikaans radio over the years.

The actual 80th birthday will culminate in a special day of broadcasting on 27 October.