Marquise Technologies to partner with Canon to ease HDR mastering workflows


Swiss-based developer of high-end solutions for post-production Marquise Technologies has announced its partnership with Canon, providing studios, broadcasters and post-productions companies a unique solution for their HDR mastering workflows.

The continuity of information about the image between the colour grading and the mastering phase is important and becomes crucial when the content is in HDR. The full chain, from the mastering solution to the mastering environment, including the mastering display, must work in sync to avoid human mistakes as much as possible.

By providing full control of the mastering display in its MIST mastering system and ICE reference player, Marquise Technologies offers a unique feature that enhances HDR mastering and quality control.

The characterisation of the mastering display based on the SMPTE ST-2086 standard is a key element when working in PQ (ST-2084) and Dolby Vision. Once these parametres are set in MIST or ICE, they are sent to the Canon monitor to configure the display in the right mode by using a remote control protocol : colour space, EOTF, luminance levels are automatically set to the correct value.

At NAB, the control of the mastering display will be demonstrated using the Canon DP-V2420 4K reference display. Canon’s flagship 24 inch model satisfies the high luminance performance required for HDR workflows. Sharing many of the outstanding features of the DP-V2410 4K reference display, the DP-V2420 adds additional versatility and functionality. It qualifies as a Dolby Vision mastering monitor (supporting the ST-2084 gamma curve) as well as the proposed HLG (Hybrid Log-Gamma) broadcast HDR standards. This is today the only available reference monitor that provides a remote control protocol.

“Delivering a simplified workflow is key for widespread HDR adoption, Marquise Technologies have taken an important step in this regard aligning the mastering display to the mastering system; Canon has been delighted to collaborate on this project which will no doubt further support HDR uptake across the industry’, said Kieran Magee, professional imaging director, Canon Europe.

“Our vision for developing our products is always driven by the ease of operation. These new HDR standards are adding complexity, and our role as a software manufacturer is to help our users delivering what they need rapidly and in accuracy with the standards. We are very glad that Canon’s products philosophy and technology help our intentions,’ says Laurence Stoll, CEO of Marquise Technologies.