ONAIR’s latest technology transmitter saves energy


ONAIR Medya, a Turkish company operating in FM Radio Broadcasting Sector since 1996, talks about saving money by replacing the old type Mosfet FM Transmitter with ONAIR LDMOS FM transmitter.

The latest transmitter gets 4Kw power from 4pcs LDMOS transistor. The 4kw ONAIR LDMOS FM transmitter (FTC4K) has the same dimensions as the old 1kw mosfet transmitter but is four times higher RF power than 1kw transmitter. Efficiency of the old 1kw mosfet transmitters was just around 70 per cent it produces more heat in result for users to consume high energy consumption, but FTC4K has 78 per cent efficiency at 4KW RF power. It means, less heating, less energy consumption, less complicated and a more reliable design.

ONAIR 4kw FTC4K FM transmitter is designed to provide more reliable FM transmitters using the extremely rugged LDMOS power transistors for the FM broadcast market. It has a built-in RDS programmable from the front keys of the exciter or via RS232 connecting a computer. Since it gives massive importance to low energy consumption, it has GPIO switch that runs air-conditioner when the room temperature or humidity reaches the limit value. This automatism of 4kw FTC4K let users conserve energy. It has an alarm function and interlock contact to stop the transmitter etc. It keeps event logs that can be printed via a printer. Optionally, it can be added GSM modem to control and monitor all parameters via internet and listen to audio input of the transmitter.

“’We reduced the cost of the transmitters using the latest technology. All our transmitters have built-in RDS encoder and DDS modulator. Our new DDS modulator has L&R MPX, AES/EBU and IP Audio inputs and if current audio supply is off, modulator connects the audio inputs to the others automatically. Not just we reduces the operating cost of radio stations and ownership cost using LDMOS but also we protect the environment 10 per cent more. We follow the RF technology very close and sell the latest technology with better and lower prices. So, we advise to replace the old transmitters with our LDMOS transmitters to save money.”’ said by ONAIR CEO Lutfi Aysan.

For more information visit the ONAIR Medya website.

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