Last chance to sign up for Creative Writing Course


Final deadlines for Allaboutwriting’s Creative Writing Course beginning on Wednesday 14 July are fast approaching. It’s a course that aims to banish mid-winter procrastination with healthy doses of creative stimulation.

The face-to-face course is run by novelist and journalism lecturer Jo-Anne Richards and scriptwriter Richard Beynon. Participants meet once a week in Parkview, Johannesburg, for ten sessions.

The course is designed to help participants explore their creativity – and equip them with a range of essential writing skills. It suits all working, and aspirant, writers – or even those with no specific project in mind, but who long to unlock their creative selves.

The course is equally suitable for those wanting to start a novel, a screenplay, or a work of creative non-fiction.

Learn to tell a story in the most dramatic way possible… to create characters that leap to life from the page (or the screen)… to write dialogue that positively crackles with life and energy…

Learn to choose the most appropriate point of view for your particular story… to structure scenes that advance the story and expand our understanding of your characters… to structure your story vividly enough to avoid the pitfalls of a sagging middle – and keep readers glued to the last, climactic page.

Even if your immediate objective is not a novel or screenplay, the course will help unlock your creativity and enable the real you to emerge after humdrum years of child-rearing or corporate ladder climbing.

Join Jo-Anne Richards and Richard Beynon on July 14, for the first of ten weekly sessions that will unleash your creative potential and, most important, get you writing.

For more information, click here (urgently!) – or phone Trish Urquhart now at 082 652 4643.


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