Jann Turner at scriptwriting workshop


The director and co-writer of the hit South African film currently on circuit, White Wedding, will be a guest speaker at The Writing Studio’s Weekend Workshop for Scriptwriters, which takes place in Johannesburg on 30 and 31 May.
Jann Turner will share her insight and experience of this, her first feature film. Turner is an experienced writer and director of television drama. Her credits include Hard Copy.

The Weekend Workshop has been designed to turn words into big screen action. Ideas are transformed into concepts that will be reworked into hardcopy, into 120 pages filled with dramatic action, lively characters and description.

The course turns theory into practise and ideas inside out. It explores the full dramatic or comedic potential of stories and empowers storytellers to write a compelling story that will reflect the uniqueness of their culture, history and experience.

The workshop is also an introduction into the world of filmmaking and teaches writers how to read and interpret the fascinating language of film, and how to evaluate and analyse film, television and theatre constructively.

It takes place at Screen Africa, Sasani Studios, Highlands North, Johannesburg, from 10am until 5pm each day.

During the past eight years The Writing Studio, an independent training initiative, has done more than 250 writing workshops throughout South Africa. The trainer is local writer, playwright, movie journalist and Education, Training and Development Practitioner Daniel Dercksen, who has been teaching workshops in scriptwriting and creative writing throughout South Africa the past eight years, as well as a Masterclass for Screenwriters for 40 writers from Africa at the Sithengi Film and TV Market’s Talent Campus.

For more information and registration, visit the website www.writingstudio.co.za, or email info@writingstudio.co.za


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